Our second workshop will be held in from March 01 to 03 (Monday to Wednesday) during the mornings from 8.30am - 1pm.

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Due to the current situation we will have an online meeting. To imitate a real workshop atmosphere as good as possible, we decided to use as meeting place. As we will be charged per person, we need you to register for it. This way, we can ensure, that everyone who wants will be able to joint the workshop. Please let us also know, if you plan to join only for parts of the workshop, then we can allocate your slot to somebody else.

Please register for this event and let us know:

- Who will present your teams project in an oral 15min talk (preferably a PhD or Postdocs should do this)?

- Do you plan to present in addition a virtual poster? Note that at least one poster per project is highly encouraged. The posters are not restricted in design (free choice of portrait, landscape, height/width ratio), but they have to be in a .png format. An easy way to do this: in Power Point  you can choose "save as PNG" for your finished poster. The posters have to be sent to by Feb. 26th. If you want to show an additional video (of you lab / devices / outreach work etc.) we can provide a virtual TV.

- Will you be available all mornings from 8.30am -1pm?

Please register here (only possible after login at top right corner).